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Bob’s Burgers’ Linda

by Elizabeth Gunto April 23rd, 2014 | Character Spotlight
Upbeat, enthusiastic and goofy, Linda Belcher (voiced by John Roberts) is the New Jersey mom you never had. She's the wife of Bob from Bob's Burgers, and she's the warm, bizarre heart of the show. As her grumpy husband flips burgers and her children go through puberty and hide and get in trouble for hiding a talking toilet in the woods (long story), Linda supports them all through their surreal problems. Linda might take the edge of her stressful work life with a drink every once and while, but as she says "Mommy doesn't get drunk; she has fun." Besides, she
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Character Spotlight

Richard Castle

by Ronald A. Rowe April 16th, 2014
Richard Castle is the titular character of the ABC drama, Castle. His given name is actually Richard Rodgers, Castle is his nom de plume. He is the author of a series of best-selling mystery novels starring a detective named Derrick Storm. Castle, suffering through the pains of his second divorce, becomes disillusioned and uninspired by his own creation. He decides to kill off Storm and put the character behind him. Unfortunately for Castle, he develops a serious writer’s block and is unable to come up with a suitable replacement for Storm.

Until he meets Detective Kate Beckett of the New
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TV Highlights

Something Old, Something New, and Guys with Sticks

by Ronald A. Rowe April 21st, 2014
Old friends coming back for another round, old friends in new places, new friends filling old places, and guys on skates beating the tar out of each other with big sticks are the highlights of the TV schedule for the upcoming week.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Former Daily Show correspondent and Community regular John Oliver gets his shot at a starring role with the premiere of HBO’s newest offering, Last Week Tonight.  A news satire show very much in the same vein as the Daily Show, Last Week Tonight promises the same snarky attitude with none
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Top 10 Shows

NCAA Championship NCAA Championship (Pre)
NCIS The Voice
The Big Bang Theory Blue Bloods
NCIS: Los Angeles The Voice (Tues)
Dancing With the Stars 60 Minutes

Bob’s Burgers

by Elizabeth Gunto April 22nd, 2014 | Add It, Comedy, TV Reviews
Add It
Fox Television, despite itself, does have a history of broadcasting hilarious, insightful animated TV. Both The Critic and, of course, The Simpsons are two critic's favorites broadcast on Fox.  Since its debut on January 9, 2011, Bob's Burgers is the station's latest animated family, and it's one of the most offbeat and charming shows on television.

The eponymous Bob Belcher (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, who also voices Archer in Archer) owns a burger joint in Atlantic City with his bespectacled and Jersey-voiced wife Linda (John Roberts). Their three children help out, at least in theory. Bob is the show's
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Pretty Little Liars

by Elizabeth Gunto April 17th, 2014 | Delete It, Drama, TV Reviews
Delete It
As soapy and absurd as the daytime stories your grandmother watched in the 1980s, ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars is an another overwrought teen drama based on another  teen novel. The show follows four teenage girls living in a wealthy suburb trying to investigate the death of the nasty captain of their clique, Alison (Sasha Pieterse), except she isn't dead, because a girl who looked like her was murdered instead. Or something.

One of the biggest problems with Pretty Little Liars is it's damn hard to follow. The show follows an absurd and Byzantine plot, often explained by characters or
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The Incredible Dr. Pol

by T Akery April 18th, 2014 | Reality TV, Toss Up, TV Reviews
Toss Up
The Incredible Dr. Pol is a show on Nat Geo Wild about a Missouri vet who takes care of both large and small animals. Dr. Pol is a quite the character and he knows his way around them. While the show showcases farm calls and tending to different patients, it also showcases his family.

Dr. Pol is a 70-year-old vet who has been taking care of animals all of his life, and it shows. He is a problem-solving vet who uses his experience to diagnosis and treat all different types of animals. His personality is big but that only adds
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