The Mindy Project’s Mindy

by Elizabeth Gunto January 5th, 2017
The young working woman archetype has a long and respected history on American Television. Mary Tyler Moore in the The Mary Tyler Moore Show was one of the first single working ladies on TV, Thirtysomething showed women trying to negotiate their private and professional lives in a post-third-wave-feminism world,
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Railroad Alaska

by T Akery December 22nd, 2016
Railroad Alaska is a show on Destination America that features the challenges of the Alaskan railroad. It also speaks about life living off of the grid and depending on the rail service to get what is needed across one of the most difficult stretches in America to navigate during the winter time.

The show drifts from passenger trains to transport trains to the workers that keep the lines clear. While it is nice to see all of these elements, it
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Person of Interest – Riveting

by Margot F. December 15th, 2016
Person of Interest is a crime drama series on CBS. Now in its third season, the one hour show continues to have high ratings with a broad audience. Set in New York, this show is fast paced and keeps the viewer constantly wondering what is going to happen next.

In Season One, the viewer is introduced to Harold Finch (Michael Emerson), John Reese (Jim Caviezel) and the Machine. Finch, a software engineer, built a machine to detect acts of terror
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  • Yukon Men

    by T Akery December 8th, 2016
    Yukon Men follows the residents of a small Alaskan town that is struggling for survival. While only a few of its residents are showcased, you get a glimpse of what it takes to survive in such harsh conditions. The show airs on the Discovery Channel with new episodes on Sunday night at 10 pm.

    The show is really about the hunt for food. Most of its episodes revolve around someone
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  • The Mindy Project

    by Elizabeth Gunto December 1st, 2016
    Before this review begins, let's take a moment to appreciate how awesome Mindy Kaling, the writer and star of The Mindy Project, is.  She wrote some of the sharpest episodes of the American version of The Office, and her character, the ditsy customer service rep Kelly Kapour, was one of the funniest on the show. Her book, a collection of essays called Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other
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  • Continuum

    by Ronald A. Rowe November 22nd, 2016
    Continuum is the best new show to come out of Canada since Corner Gas. And that is about the only comparison that could be made between the two shows. Corner Gas was low budget, quirky, and laugh out loud funny. Continuum, on the other hand, is none of those things. The special effects are absolutely top notch for TV, it falls solidly in the sci-fi genre, and the tone
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