TV Highlights for the Week of 8.18.14

by Jennifer S. Rowe August 18th, 2016
Atlanta Exes is a new show premiering on VH1, this coming Monday, August 18th at 9/8c. The show is a Georgia spinoff of Hollywood Exes and follows the lives of ex-wives of A-list men. The cast includes Tameka Raymond, ex-wife of Usher, Sheree Buchanan, ex-wife of Ray Buchanan, Christina
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Monumental Mysteries

by T Akery August 11th, 2016
Monumental Mysteries is a show that takes you behind some of the stories of the statues, buildings and monuments found across the country. Don Wildman tells some of the most interesting stories about how these places gained significance in American history.

In many ways, it is the stories that bring these places to life. Wildman's narration fits in perfectly for this story-telling aspect of the show. He makes the stories interesting and often reveals facts that may not been taught
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Renovation Realities

by T Akery August 4th, 2016
Renovation Realities is a show on DIY network that takes a look at homeowners as they tackle different projects. In this case, it is more of a what one should not do in home renovation rather than what one should do. Most of the homeowners showcased have little or no experience on the construction front. While some of the stuff turns out rather well (with the help of contractors usually), it is clear that this show's intent is to
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  • American Ninja Warrior Inspires

    by Ronald A. Rowe July 28th, 2016
    It has been two years since I last wrote about American Ninja Warrior.  In the intervening time the show has grown in popularity and has improved on the already-solid formula for a hit summer TV show.  Billed as “The World’s Toughest Obstacle Course,” American Ninja Warrior is a rare show that the entire family can enjoy together.  It is 100% kid-friendly, with nary a cuss-word, act of violence, or
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  • Once A Weekly Show With John Oliver

    by Elizabeth Gunto July 21st, 2016
    Brit John Oliver leaves the confines of The Daily Show to host his own late-night talk show on HBO. The freedom of premium cable lets Oliver explore the news with more openness (and more nudity and more cursing) than its predecessor would ever get, and Oliver covers the issues without pandering, patronizing or preaching. Nudity aside, HBO gives Oliver the freedom to speak to his audience as the adults they are.

    Last Week
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  • Buying and Selling With Drew and Jonathan

    by T Akery July 14th, 2016
    Buying and Selling is a show hosted by the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott. There is a lot to like in this show. Both brothers take center stage and I like that they can share the spotlight in such a manner. Aside from being such good hosts, the show also offers a balanced approach at looking at houses as well as trying to get them ready to sell.

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