Add It: Doctor Who

by Ronald A. Rowe September 22nd, 2016
It has been just over fifty years since Doctor Who first appeared on television.  Over the span of half a century the show has gone from obscurity to a full-fledged cultural phenomenon.  Whovians, as fans of the show are apt to call themselves – nitpick and discuss and debate
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Add It – Penn & Teller: Fool Us

by Ronald A. Rowe September 15th, 2016
Penn & Teller: Fool Us is a “new” summer television competition on the CW.  The series was actually filmed and released three years ago in Great Britain, where is enjoyed a large following.  The show was curiously and unceremoniously dumped after just nine episodes despite solid ratings.  The single-season program was relegated to the vast repository of cancelled shows until the CW  - perhaps persuaded by the success of another Penn & Teller program called Penn & Teller: BS! – decided to
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Add It: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

by Ronald A. Rowe September 8th, 2016
Whose Line Is It Anyway? just might be the funniest show currently on TV.  There is nothing else that even comes close in terms of out-loud belly laughs per 22 minute episode.  The current show is the third iteration of the program.  The original was a British import hosted by Clive Anderson.  The second was an American version hosted by Drew Carey. This most recent (and arguably best) adaptation of the concept is hosted by Aisha Tyler.

Whose Line Is
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  • Character Spotlight: Penn & Teller

    by Ronald A. Rowe September 1st, 2016
    The stars of Penn & Teller: Fool Us are Penn Jillette and his mute partner Ray Teller.  The pair of magicians / comedians display their mastery of both the art and science of performing magic each week – through their ability to grasp the inner workings of other magicians’ tricks on a single viewing of the act and through a performance at the end of each episode that underscores the fact
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  • Add It – HBO’s True Detective

    by Elizabeth Gunto August 25th, 2016
    The crime scene in the opening of HBO's True Detective could be an art installation. The murderer arranged his victim, a young prostitute, with such precision and care, you can assume that's how he wanted it to be seen. Two detectives, Rustin Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson), investigate the murder in 1995. Seventeen years later, new investigators interview the pair separately when, despite the assumed murderer being convicted,
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  • TV Highlights for the Week of 8.18.14

    by Jennifer S. Rowe August 18th, 2016
    Atlanta Exes is a new show premiering on VH1, this coming Monday, August 18th at 9/8c. The show is a Georgia spinoff of Hollywood Exes and follows the lives of ex-wives of A-list men. The cast includes Tameka Raymond, ex-wife of Usher, Sheree Buchanan, ex-wife of Ray Buchanan, Christina Johnson, ex-wife of CeeLo Green, Torrei Hart, ex-wife of Kevin Hart and Monyetta Shaw, ex-fiancé of Ne-Yo. Now if you
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