America’s Got A Show to Watch This Summer

by Ronald A. Rowe June 23rd, 2016
America’s Got Talent (AGT) is the biggest hit of the summer.  Against an admittedly weak backdrop of reruns and fledgling summer try-outs, AGT is dominating the ratings and winning new fans in its ninth season.  TV Critics, like me, generally skip over reality / competition television programs but AGT’s
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Nerds! We’ve Got Our Own Show!

by Ronald A. Rowe June 16th, 2016
“Nerds, we’ve got our own show!”  With these words, Wil Wheaton introduced fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror to The Wil Wheaton Project.  It is, as described, a show tailored specifically to self-identifying nerds.  In short, The Wil Wheaton Project is Talk Soup for fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  If you get nostalgic at the mere mention of Battlestar Galactica this is a show for you.  If you can speak at least one word or phrase
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Orphan Black

by Ronald A. Rowe June 9th, 2016
The Canadian invasion of the Science Fiction world is well under way.  In addition to the excellent SyFy Channel offering, Continuum, BBC America has discovered another gem with Orphan Black.  The first season, tragically short at just 10 episodes, introduced us to Sarah Manning, a drifter con-artist who had recently returned to New York after nearly a year away.  Upon her arrival, she stumbles across a woman, Beth Childs, who looks identical to Sarah.  Beth commits suicide by leaping in
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  • Call the Midwife

    by Elizabeth Gunto June 2nd, 2016
    A meek, sheltered and newly-trained midwife from a wealthy family tries to improve the lives of people she doesn't quite understand in BBC/PBS's period drama Call the Midwife.

    Jenny Lee, played by Jessica Raine is attending to the poorest of the poor in a part of London that never fully recovered from the Blitz, now over a decade ago. Bombed-out rubble still stands and makes perfect hiding grounds for teenagers
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  • Defiance Carries Sci-Fi Tradition

    by Jennifer S. Rowe May 12th, 2016
    I have been a science fiction fan for many years mostly thanks to my father who introduced me to Star Trek (yes I am a proud Trekie!) when I was 8 years old, so I guess that makes me an expert on the genre. There have been many great Science Fiction shows to follow like The Twilight Zone, Battle Star Galactica 1978 and 2004, Lost in Space and, of
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  • House of Cards

    by Elizabeth Gunto May 5th, 2016
    "Ruthless pragmatism." This is the phrase Kevin Spacey says to his soon to be House Majority Whip replacement in the first episode of the second season of House of Cards, and it's a good description for the philosophy that inspires most of the characters, along with greed, power hunger, and the general drives of those on politically-themed television shows.

    Spacey plays Francis "Frank" Underwood, a democrat from South Carolina who
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