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Toss Up – Broad City

by Elizabeth Gunto October 24th, 2014 | Toss Up
Broad City is what Girls wants to be. Two post-college girls are broke as a joke and stuck with jobs they hate and roommates' boyfriends who eat all their food. There's no parental assistance and no adorable wardrobes.

Abbi Jacobson is poor Abbi Abrams, a twenty-six-year-old scrubbing the floors of a snooty gym called Soulstice (a parody of soul cycle). Her dream is to become an artist or at least teach a few classes at the gym. But all she gets to do is scrub toilets. Her romantic life isn't much better. She's infatuated by her next door neighbor, but she
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Character Spotlight

Character Highlight – Jim Gordon

by Ronald A. Rowe October 22nd, 2014
James Gordon is a good cop in a bad situation.  In his short time in Gotham City he has been forced to make several undesirable compromises just to keep his life and his job.  He is forced to work with a corrupt slug of a partner, although Harvey Bullock may be the best alternative out of a bad batch of cops.  He’s the target of an investigation by the Major Crimes Unit, an investigation that is partly the result of some bad accusations and partly stems from a personal vendetta against him on the part of his fiancé’s former
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TV Highlights

TV Highlights for Week of 10/20

by Jennifer S. Rowe October 20th, 2014
It’s that time of the year again baseball fans! The 2014 World Series begins this coming Tuesday, October 10th, on Fox at 7pm, with the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals battling it out for the most coveted trophy in baseball. The first game of the series opens in Kansas City and if you’re a fan of either one of these teams, you are most likely very excited! However, with that being said, there is not much excitement in the rest of the sports world, considering that the Kansas
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Top 10 Shows

NFL on Fox The Big Bang Theory
Sunday Night Football (SF vs. Den) The OT
NCIS The Voice (Mon)
Thursday Night Football (NE vs NYJ) Dancing With the Stars
NCIS New Orleans College Football on ABC (ND vs FSU)

Add It: Gotham

by Ronald A. Rowe October 21st, 2014 | Add It
Add It
At first blush, Gotham sounded like a bad idea.  It’s Batman but not Batman.  Instead of a hardened crime-fighter with amazing gadgets he’s a sad 11-year old boy who misses his parents.  Remove Batman from Gotham City and you’re left with a pretty dull story about a city.  Or so I thought…

Gotham has proven to be a delightful surprise.  There have been only a handful of episodes so far, but what I’ve seen is extremely promising.  The star of the story is Detective James Gordon, a straight-edge cop newly transferred to the corrupt den of iniquity that is the
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Delete It – Town of the Living Dead

by T Akery October 23rd, 2014 | Delete It
Delete It
Town of the Living Dead is about the efforts of a small town making a zombie movie. Well, actually it is about a few individuals who are attempting to make a movie and failing at the task. When the Syfy channel stepped up to film this show, the production was already six years in the making. While there are a few funny moments, the rest is just head shaking at the decisions being made.

From what is shown on, there doesn't seem to be an actual script to the movie. It often feels like disorganized chaos while random scenes are shot.
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Toss Up – Key & Peele

by Elizabeth Gunto October 17th, 2014 | Toss Up
Toss Up

Key & Peele, a Comedy Central sketch show starring MADtv alums Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key covers some sensitive race and gender issues with goofy intelligence. Both Peele and Key come from biracial families with an African-American dad and a white mother, and their unique racial experiences feed their skits. Both actors show incredible range; they play French revolutionaries, a nerd named Wendell,  a sorority girl named Meegan, Indian doctors, young Black professionals, Barack Obama and Barack Obama's angry-man translator Luther, who says what the president can't. The show's strength comes from its silly approach to some pretty serious
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