The Walking Dead’s Walking Dead

by Ronald A. Rowe July 30th, 2015
The Walking Dead is the story of Rick Grimes and his companions surviving the zombie apocalypse. While Rick, Carl, Daryl, and the rest are compelling and multi-faceted characters, there is one other who is often overlooked despite the fact that the show is named for them: the walking dead.

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Character Spotlight – John Weisbarth

by T Akery July 23rd, 2015
John Weisbarth is the host of Tiny House Nation. He is a very strong advocate for the movement of downsizing into very small homes with very small footprints. While he is one of its strongest advocates, he is also very realistic about recognizing that this particular lifestyle is not for everyone.

On the show, he is basically a jack of all trades. He moves from design to construction as well as helping the homeowners' transition from one stage to the
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Silicon Valley’s Richard Hendriks

by Elizabeth Gunto July 16th, 2015
Poor Richard Hendriks (Thomas Middleditch) is in a tough spot. First, in order to have creative control over the lossless compression algorithm he designed and business he made to support, he turned down $10 millon, only to discover he knows nothing about writing business plans, making his employees do actual work or how to fire his best friend because he doesn't contribute anything to the business model. Second, he's a shy, timid guy working in a pushy, cutthroat industry,
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  • Richard Castle

    by Ronald A. Rowe July 9th, 2015
    Richard Castle is the titular character of the ABC drama, Castle. His given name is actually Richard Rodgers, Castle is his nom de plume. He is the author of a series of best-selling mystery novels starring a detective named Derrick Storm. Castle, suffering through the pains of his second divorce, becomes disillusioned and uninspired by his own creation. He decides to kill off Storm and put the character behind
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  • Not The Same Old Ichabod Crane

    by Ronald A. Rowe July 1st, 2015
    Early promos for Sleepy Hollow gave the appearance of a horror show with questionable place on the prime time TV schedule. Given the promise shown in the more recent releases for the show, one has to wonder just what the Marketing geniuses at Fox were thinking when they crafted those first sneak peek commercials. Now that we have been treated to a 6-minute extended preview last Saturday night, it
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  • Adventure Time’s Jake the Dog

    by Elizabeth Gunto June 25th, 2015
    Why is a shape-shifting, 28-year-old bulldog (in "magical dog years," according to the show's writers) who can play the viola, read braille and has five children with a rainicorn hanging out with a human kid? Because they are best friends, duh. It's not worth the energy to apply typical logic to  Adventure Time. It's best to enjoy it and let the show's philosophy come to you. There's no
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