Character Spotlight – Fargo’s Lorne Malvo

by Elizabeth Gunto August 27th, 2015
Americans have a long standing fascination with people who have no moral compass or regard for human life: Silence of the Lambs, House of Cards, and No Country for Old Men are all examples of our endless thirst for watching someone who lives to cause others to suffer. It's debated
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An Idiot Abroad

by T Akery August 20th, 2015
An Idiot Abroad is a travel show on the Science channel featuring the very British Karl Pilkington. The producers are Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant who both seem to have it in for Karl. He is sent on on his overseas adventures with the help of a bucket list.

What you won't find in this program is a dissertation on the local history, food or culture. Instead, you find what amounts to a man encountering cultures and customs that he
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The Unreality of Reality TV

by Ronald A. Rowe August 13th, 2015
A recent column here at Couch Tuber highlighted the fact that reality TV shows are increasingly scripted. Kimberly Hays, of the Couch Tuber Reality TV department, listed several shows that are obviously not quite as real as the networks would have you believe. Usually I let coverage of Reality TV fall to the beat writers of that department, one floor below my spacious office in the Drama department
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  • Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs

    by T Akery August 6th, 2015
    Mike Rowe is the host of Dirty Jobs. As a result, his resume is packed full of some of the most interesting jobs in America. He ventures into each industry with a mixture of humor, hesitation and a healthy respect for the people who do these jobs on a daily basis. While they aren't glamorous jobs, he jumps in anyway.

    Mike started his career as a musician and worked in
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  • The Walking Dead’s Walking Dead

    by Ronald A. Rowe July 30th, 2015
    The Walking Dead is the story of Rick Grimes and his companions surviving the zombie apocalypse. While Rick, Carl, Daryl, and the rest are compelling and multi-faceted characters, there is one other who is often overlooked despite the fact that the show is named for them: the walking dead.

    The “walkers”, also known as “roamers” and “biters,” are by any other reckoning, zombies. One of the hallmarks of the series
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  • Character Spotlight – John Weisbarth

    by T Akery July 23rd, 2015
    John Weisbarth is the host of Tiny House Nation. He is a very strong advocate for the movement of downsizing into very small homes with very small footprints. While he is one of its strongest advocates, he is also very realistic about recognizing that this particular lifestyle is not for everyone.

    On the show, he is basically a jack of all trades. He moves from design to construction as well
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