1600 Penn

by Elizabeth McMillan September 6th, 2013 | Web Series
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white house1600 Penn was originally on NBC from December 17, 2012, to March 27, 2013. Although it was not very popular on the television, it is widely watched on the internet by viewers from all over the world. This show was created by Josh Gad, Jon Lovett, and Jason Winer. Jason Winer is also the director of 1600 Penn. This show revolves around a rather unorthodox family living in the White House, but the country in the show seems to be fond supporters of the President and his dysfunctional family. One of the biggest things to realize in one’s life is that most families are dysfunctional, and they all have their own problems — it isn’t just your family, although you may think that. No family is perfect, and any family that seems to be perfect really isn’t, because come on. What family has no issues or past problems that not everyone can seem to let go of? That is just the price one has to pay when they have a family. It can be a small family or a big family, or even a medium sized family, all the problems always seem to be hidden just around the corner.

1600 Penn shows the family trying to cope with the spotlight on them all the time, and their dad being the President of the United States of America. Which isn’t an easy, or stress free job. In the first episode of this show, Skip Gilchrist is coming home from college, to live in the White House with his family, and to watch the old man take the reins of the United States. Skip’s older sister Becca takes several pregnancy tests to discover that she is, in fact, pregnant. In the second episode, news of Becca’s pregnancy gets spread throughout the house, and instead of negative consequences, support is given to Becca in every way possible. The plot line of the show goes roughly like this with a few twists and turns here and there, but for the most part the show could not keep a lot of viewers’ interest when it was on television, so the web is probably a better home for 1600 Penn. The story line quickly dried up, and that cost the show a lot of viewers.

In the concluding episode, the First Couple is questioned on whether or not they are actually married to each other, so to prove this to the public they decide to have another ceremony showing everyone they were. During this ceremony though something happens, and it is left to you to go and find out what happens during the re-affirming of vows. This show was short lived, but it just took a little while to find its true home — the internet.icon-3recliners

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