A Comedy in Four Girl Parts

by James Maynard January 24th, 2013 | Web Series
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four girlsGirl Parts is an online comedy about four single women in their mid-twenties, facing financial hardships, love interests and the desire to make a career of acting.

The four young women in question are Ash Barlow, Eva, Katie and Sam. Ash is the only one of the bunch who has tasted any degree of success – as a child actress in a commercial for a product called Fruity Fruit.

Set against the backdrop of a big city and featuring four vivacious women, Girl Parts is naturally going to draw some comparisons to Sex and the City. Like that earlier TV show, there’s one informal leader of the group (Ash takes on Carrie’s role here), one woman characterized by a string of short relationships, and one animal lover.

Of course, the story lines part way not only in locale (Girl Parts is set in L.A.), but in the career positions of the characters themselves. The women in Girl Parts are struggling for work, trying to get by on hopes as much as money. Even Ash’s royalties for her work as a child actress are negligible. If anything, this may be one of the things that distinguishes this show from its older sister show.

Eva, whose concentration is fashion, is the flirty one – going from club to club, and from man to man, her character is often also the most whiny of the bunch.

Melanie Molnar, who had a small part in The Lincoln Lawyer, plays the struggling actress. Of the personalities of the four main characters, hers seems the flattest and least-developed. For me, this made her the least enjoyable character of the bunch.

Katie is a dog lover to the extreme, and is the flightiest of the foursome. She’s played by Corrine Becker, who appeared in the series Chasing the Hill.

Sam (Meagan Gordon, What Happens in Vegas) is an actress with an overly-demonstrative acting style which will likely doom her character’s career. It takes a good actor to play a bad one well.

Ash, ironically, is the only one not trying to make it in the wonderful world of acting. Her job is working as an assistant at the Uber-Talent Agency (UTA), and she has a major celebrity crush on Bill Murray. Kelsey Robinson’s portrayal of her is the best acting in the show. Robinson also plays Jesse Shaw in Fumbling Thru the Pieces.

One criticism of the show is the four women seem too much alike, both in looks and personality. Of course, if they had a redhead in the group, I’d be bringing up Sex and the City again.

As it is, this show has a lot of promise. The production is first-rate for an independent series, and most of the acting is very good – not spectacular, but very good. The story lines are fun and the dialog believable. This is very good independent comedy.

This show can be watched on Blip.TV on streaming devices, and on the show’s YouTube channel (here).icon-3recliners

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