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by Mackenzie M. May 10th, 2013 | Home Show, TV Reviews
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auctionChristie Hatman is the self-proclaimed Auction Champ in the state of Missouri. She’s a fast talking woman who has been running auctions since her teenage years. Hatman has a passion for finding treasures at auctions around Missouri and repurposing them for interior design use. HGTV is continuing with their “repurpose, renew, and rejuvenate” trend of show with the premiere of Auction Champ this March. Along with Flea Market Flip and West End Salvage, Auction Champ highlights Midwesterners who salvage unassuming junk into beautiful pieces used in interior design. Hatman is the queen of auctions, and her talent shines through the television screen in this new program. To learn a little bit about the auction world and salvaging items, be sure to tune into Auction Agent on Fridays at 8 p.m./7c.

At the age of 17 Christie Hatman began to attend auctions near her home in rural Missouri. This weekend hobby turned into the passion of her life. Since her teenage years she has been running auctions around Missouri and has discovered thousands of treasures in the process. Described as a “fast talking woman who is smart enough to get paid for it,” Hatman presents viewers with a little bit of Midwestern charm and a whole lot of sass. As a host, Hatman’s charisma is always felt on-screen, and her tips for attending auctions and salvaging goods are phenomenal. Her genuine vibe is probably due to the fact that she was not actively seeking fame at the time she was recruited for the show. In fact, Hatman simply posted a YouTube video of herself running an auction and producers at Atlas Productions in New York City found it. The producers were so impressed by her charisma and ease at running auctions, that they thought it would be perfect for the HGTV Network.

HGTV’s theme of 2013 seems to be repurposing and reusing discarded items. This is very environmentally friendly and encourages homeowners to break from the mold of the standard big-box designs. Hatman and other hosts on HGTV advocate for looking through junkyards and at auction houses to find some of the most unique and interesting treasures for homes. While the men at West End Salvage provide interesting furnishings for homeowners around the country, Hatman focuses on the actual logistics of running an auction, hence the title, “Auction Agent.” Hatman welcomes viewers into the fast talking world of Missouri auctions, and mixes in plenty of motivational tips for finding items to put in their homes.

The flow of the show is fantastic and the concept is very unique. People of ten do not get a look into to the fast paced world of auctions, but Hatman brings them face to face with the most impressive auctions in the Midwest. The show deserves a solid three-recliner rating. For interesting home designs ideas and a crash course in auctioneering, tune into Auction Agent.icon-3recliners

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