Baggage Battles

by Kimberly Hays September 2nd, 2013 | Travel Show, TV Reviews
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luggage_anyoneThis show seems to be a spin on Storage Wars and Auction Hunters, except that instead of people bidding on abandoned lockers, these people bid on lost luggage that was never claimed by its owner. There are over 70,000 pieces of luggage that get misplaced on a daily basis in airports around the world. Also because of this, there are also clusters of people who want to bid on the luggage in order to get the contents within for a cheap price with hopes of being able to turn over the items found within for a huge profit.

Watching a bunch of people stand around bidding on or two pieces of luggage at a time is rather uninteresting for the viewer, so the Travel Channel uses the angle of the bidders and their quirky personalities to keep interest in the show. The show focuses on three very different bidders. The first is a couple, Laurence and Sally Martin, who appear to be a little eccentric and very free spirited. Then there is New Yorker, Billy Leroy, who owns an antiques and props business and does not shy away from making a huge bid when he decides he wants a particular piece. Billy also has a big mouth. The last bidder is Mike Myer, who is the young guy of the group. He is just starting out in the bidding business, and he makes a lot of mistakes while he is learning how it works.

The most interesting part of the show is when the bidders open up the luggage that they spent hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars, on to see if they find treasures or if it is a complete bust. Most often, they lose. It is kind of mind boggling that someone would blow that kind of money and not have a clue what the contents are inside. The bidders do travel internationally, so you do get a glimpse of other countries, but this really does not lend a lot more thrill to the show. It is not explained where they all get the money to be able to travel around the world and bid ridiculous amounts of money on the unopened luggage, but it is to be assumed that they make enough profits on these ventures to carry their businesses as well as travel to the different locations to bid on the auctions.

Baggage Battles airs on Wednesday at 8pm/ET on the Travel Channel. It is in its second season, and past episodes can be found on the Travel Channel’s website where you can watch them for free.


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