BigCat Trucker on Travel Channel

by Kimberly Hays December 10th, 2012 | Travel Show, TV Reviews
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Rick Sylvester has been called BigCat since he was a child growing up in Houston, Texas. He became a trucker who loved the sites he encountered in tucked away parts of the country, and the people he met along the way. This gave him the idea to start sharing these experiences with his wife and two children, as well as other truckers, and anyone else who may be interested. With this idea in mind, he decided to start sharing his journey on his very own YouTube Channel. This garnered a lot of attention from his followers as well as the television industry. He was even offered the job of becoming the spokesperson for the trucking company where he works.

The Travel Channel has picked up BigCat Trucker as a new web series. BigCat will take us on the road with him and make us feel we are riding in the cab of his big rig. He will show us some familiar places with a different perspective like Las Vegas, for instance, where he will show us the Neon Sign Museum and the Bonanza Gift Shop. We will also get to experience the Grand Canyon with BigCat where he is overwhelmed at its enormity and beauty. BigCat will also get to have some fun along the way and learn new things. In the episode “Cowboys and Guns”, BigCat will learn to properly throw a hatchet after he stops in a gun store and becomes friends with the owners. BigCat always makes friends though. This fact is the gist of one episode where he explains why the best part of being a trucker is the friends that he makes along the way.

There are several episodes up on TravelChannel.com that you can view now, and BigCat is still driving around the country to bring us more. He is a big teddy bear of a guy who you can’t help but like. He not only takes us to some out of the way places and brings new experiences to mind that we may want to plan on seeing ourselves when we travel, but his heart is as big as his home state of Texas. He will always put a smile on your face and he always leaves you with some good advice.

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