Billion Dollar Block

by Mackenzie M. March 12th, 2013 | Home Show, TV Reviews
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charleston chandelierWhile New York City penthouses and the exclusive Hollywood Hills conjure up images of gigantic and opulent homes, there are plenty of other areas in the United States that are home to expensive estates. In the new mini-series, Billion Dollar Block, on HGTV, host Taniya Nayak explores some of America’s most expensive neighborhoods that often fall under the radar. From South Carolina to a small town in New Jersey, viewers get a glimpse into the inspirations and designs that decorate these sprawling estates.

Billion Dollar Block premiered as a mini-series on October 19, 2012 on the HGTV Network. During the first episode, Taniya Nayak travels to Charleston, South Carolina’s super-exclusive South of Broad neighborhood. The homes in this area are each worth well over $20 million dollars, as they are historic homes with waterfront views. The premise of the show is to simply show the interior and exterior designs of millionaire homes in areas outside of the major cities. While the designs may not be affordable to most of the public, it is highly entertaining to get an exclusive glimpse into the interior design and home renovations of the upper class. For example, one of the homes in Charleston has a $2 million exterior finish with an interior that has been declared as better decorated than the White House. For those who will never get a chance to see these houses in person, Billion Dollar Block is definitely worth watching.

In the next episode, Taniya Nayak explores the affluent town of Colts Neck, New Jersey to tour the homes of some very wealthy small town citizens. In one home, a trip to Italy inspired the design of their entire home and it is referred to as “their live-in souvenir.” In each town, Taniya Nayak tours three homes in the same neighborhood. Other homes featured have included custom bars, massive wine cellars, and even private ice-skating rinks. Through touring the homes, Nayak hopes to get an idea of the over-the-top and fun ways that millionaires customize their homes. Viewers at home will surely enjoy the tours of these extravagant dwellings.

Although Billion Dollar Block was only a mini-series with few episodes, it is definitely worth watching the re-runs. There is no word on further production of episodes, but HGTV often airs episodes from the Fall 2012 run. The interesting designs paired with Taniya Nayak’s bubbly personality earn Billion Dollar Block a 3-recliner rating. It is not only fun to peek inside the impeccable homes, but it is also interesting to see the small towns around the country where homes can easily reach the $50 million price mark. Be sure to check your local listings for Billion Dollar Block air times. icon-3recliners

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