Bizarre Foods America

by T Akery July 1st, 2013 | Food Show, TV Reviews
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crawfishThere is a reason why the Travel Channel calls this show bizarre. Most of the stuff showcased, most Americans wouldn’t go near unless it was slathered in barbecue sauce and called chicken. But somehow, Andrew Zimmern manages to stomach these culinary adventures. Sure, the foods are connected to America, but still this is one show that is very friendly to those on a diet.

In a show like this, it is not so much about making the viewer want to eat the food but more about celebrating the culture surrounding the odd samples of food. Andrew Zimmern does this really nicely. He is a bubbly personality that likes to inform people about the possibilities even if you never have any intention of sampling the food. I like that he shows off the pride that people have in their creations. Sure, it is weird food but someone cooked it.

He really does make this show interesting. He is also really honest about the food itself. If he doesn’t like something, he says so without coming off as offensive to the person being showcased. He enjoys the whole process of just trying it out. It is the same attitude that many parents wish their kids had about trying different things. That alone is what makes the show.

Of course, there is a little bit of an ick factor when it comes to showing the food in both its raw and cooked form. Certainly, there were some things never meant to be eaten. This part of the show is a good reason why those cutting calories should cue into it. The shots will automatically stop any hunger pains.

There is an educational side to this as well when Zimmern takes a few minutes to explain exactly where the food comes from and how it got to the table. While some of this information is only good if you are in survival mode, it still makes you think a little about the food that you do eat.

Overall, I really like Zimmerman’s personality, his respect for cultures and even his approach to food. While I probably won’t be scarfing down stuff like fermented fish eggs, it is still an interesting glimpse into the more unique American cuisine.

Bizarre Food America is on the Travel Channel in your area. The new season is aired on Monday nights at 9 pm.icon-3recliners

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