Bobby’s Dinner Battle: Food Network

by Kimberly Hays January 28th, 2013 | Food Show, TV Reviews
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party tableIf you have ever had a meltdown when planning a dinner party because of opinionated guests, and you just know that a “certain someone” will find something wrong with the meal and not be afraid to voice that opinion, remember that it could be worse. Try to envision being one of the home cooks that sign up for the task of cooking dinner for Bobby Flay and guests on the Food Channel’s Bobby’s Dinner Battle. In this new show, there will be three teams that will prepare a three course meal. All of the cooks are novices, and have no culinary training or experience. They do, however, feel that they are the best home cooks out there. They feel they can produce top quality meals that they were self-taught in their own kitchens.

Every week, Bobby will host a dinner party in a different town, where he and his guests will be served meals that were planned by the teams. The teams will have to work together with food challenges, as well as put together their menus with very little money to purchase ingredients. Flay will have his special guests help him judge the food and choose a winner.

Bobby’s Dinner Battle airs on Wednesdays at 10pm/9c  on the Food Channel. Bobby is a down to earth guy, and it is nice to see him stepping out of the professional spotlight to show us his more informal side. He is a real people person, and this makes the show even more interesting as he guides the contestants through the challenges and scoring to see who will be presented the champagne at the end of the show. Upcoming cities for the competition include Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Home cooks everywhere will enjoy watching to see if their home cooking skills are up to par with the contestants’.4 recliners

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