Carol Alt to Take Fox

by Mackenzie M. March 22nd, 2013 | News Show, TV Reviews
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rawLegendary supermodel Carol Alt rose to popularity as a swimsuit model in 1982 after she landed the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. From there, she starred in several ad campaigns and became a style icon of the 1980s. Following in the footsteps of other former models, Alt is reinventing herself as a television personality with a new news show on the Fox Network. While Fox leans heavily on the conservative side of the political spectrum, the network has been trying to expand their lifestyle content in the past few years. Aside from the expansion of Fox’s News M lifestyle magazine, Carol Alt’s new show will bring a beautiful and graceful side to the day’s news.

Carol Alt’s focus in recent years has been on the “raw” movement. The raw movement embraces ingredients and products in their raw forms, rather than with the added extra chemicals. She latched on to a beauty line that only uses raw ingredients and even a raw cookbook called Easy Sexy Raw. At 52, Alt will discuss the raw phenomenon on her new show, along with health, beauty, and even the current events of the day. What is alarming about her raw diet is that in a recent documentary, Alt claimed that she once lost 15 pounds by eating a vegetable or fruit “here and there.” This weight loss was clearly unhealthy. Let’s hope that in her news program she will spotlight healthy eating and exercise as opposed to starvation diets.

Fox News Network has been continually questioned as to their unprecedented move to add a lifestyle section in with their iron fist of current news programs. The topics of raw food and happy living seem to mesh oddly with the rest of the network’s programming. However, Fox News executive Bill Shine has said that living well is an important discussion, and who is better to discuss this healthy lifestyle but a beautiful former supermodel. This is a far cry from the heavy-handed Huckabee, Hannity, or The O’Reilly Factor that air daily. The show is not scheduled to debut until this summer, so the official ratings are not out. However, reactions to the show could easily move in either direction. On one hand, it will be nice to have Alt form a break in Fox’ weekend programming. On the other hand, it is unclear if her mini-news and lifestyle show can stand up to the news veterans.

Carol Alt’s still unnamed program is set to debut this summer on the Fox Network. Only time will tell whether it is worth watching or not. I am predicting that the show deserves a two-recliner rating. For the short term, if interested in raw eating and lifestyle, set your DVR and catch the premiere.icon-2recliners

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