Comedy Profile: China Anne McClain

by Ronald A. Rowe May 10th, 2015 | Character Spotlight
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musicalChina Anne McClain, the 14-year-old star of the Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm, is exactly the sort of child star that Disney loves to hype. She sings, she dances, she’s as cute as a button. She comes from within the industry, which is inexplicably important to the House of the Mouse. Bother her parents are “in the biz” and she has two sisters who are also musically inclined (and who, along with China, form the pop trio cleverly named The McClain Sisters).

McClain has a lengthy history in TV and film for one so young. She began her movie career at the ripe old age of seven (The Gospel) before beginning a six-year run on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. As of this writing she has six motion pictures and 10 television shows to her credit. Not bad for someone too young to vote or even drive.

Her character on A.N.T Farm, named Chyna — not to be confused with her real name of China — is a musical prodigy. She is so musically talented that she attends high school at the age of 11. (Don’t over think it; you just have to accept it). Chyna plays every musical instrument there is, except the triangle — or maybe that’s just a joke. It can be hard to tell with A.N.T. Farm. Her musical high point on the show was her acoustic version of Tao Cruz’s very un-acoustic “Dynamite”.

McClain has the looks, the acting chops, the musical talent, the stage parents, and the connections she needs to succeed in the entertainment industry. Whether she follows the path of Lindsey Lohan — another young lady with all those same credentials at 14 — will be borne out over time. We can only hope that her parents have learned from the cautionary tale of Lohan — and Drew Barrymore, and the Olsen twins, and Danny Bonaduce, and on and on — enough to keep this young lady grounded in reality while she experiences a life most can only fantasize about.

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