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by Kimberly Hays June 24th, 2013 | Travel Show
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detectoristDig Wars is a new program on the Travel Channel that started on June 12th. The reality show follows three teams that go to different places to try to find the treasure below the ground with metal detectors. Each team has one Detectorist (a metal detector specialist) who knows how to find treasure hidden in the earth, and leads their team with their expertise. The other team players have colorful personalities which make viewing fun. At the end of each show the treasure that is found by the teams is taken to be appraised, and the one who has found items worth the most money, wins.

The teams get to dig in some amazing places that are usually off limits to the rest of us. One place, for instance, was Fort St. Philip in Louisiana. This was where their first search was held in the premiere episode. Fort St. Philip has been closed to the public since Hurricane Katrina, but somehow Dig Wars obtained permission to search for relics. It sounds like a dream come true for enthusiasts of hunting for relics with metal detectors, and it did turn out to be very interesting. I won’t reveal what happened so you can watch for yourself on the website, or perhaps a rerun down the road.

The second episode takes them to Eastover Plantation that is located in Virginia. It is in the southeastern part of the state, and was the home of the first English settlement dating back to the 1600’s. In their search there is a little sabotaging that takes place by one team against the other. Valuables are found, and they will be taken to Governor’s Antiques for appraisal.

Future episodes include other exciting locations for relic hunting. They will go to Antietam Overlook, Maryland, as well as Georgia Landing, Louisiana, where a major civil war battle was fought, Ruby Mining Town, Arizona, a ghost town once full of murder and mayhem, and Fort Phantom, Texas, which was where the Native American tribe of Comanche settled, and the U.S. Infantry held an outpost. Each place has a very different history, and what they find at each location is very different, but always exciting.

If you enjoy history, or if you are a metal detector enthusiast, you will find this show captivating. Catch the program on the Travel Channel at 10/9 c, on Wednesdays. Check listings for repeat performances that are currently scheduled for the next few weeks if you miss an episode or would like to catch up on past episodes that you may have missed.icon-3recliners

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