Dr. Drew On Call

by Mackenzie M. December 14th, 2012 | Talk Show, TV Reviews
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Dr. Drew Pinsky is back on television and has succeeded in creating another hit show. This time, instead of dealing with celebrities in rehab for drug or sex abuse, he has an entire talk show dedicated to him. Dr. Drew On Call premiered on HLN in late October of 2012, and has definitely gotten mixed reviews. The show consists of many segments, with some being far more interesting than others. Dr. Drew is no stranger to television, and always carries himself in a distinct way when on screen. Although sometimes overbearing, Dr. Drew and his latest talk show provide for entertainment, but also for helpful medical advice.

Dr. Drew On Call consists of several segments with varying themes. During the Monday Madness section of the show, Dr. Drew covers current stories that are prominent in the news. Dr. Drew tends to dissect the issue or story, and then find a way to tie it in with an unofficial theme of the night. Dr. Drew often takes an interesting approach to presenting news stories, which includes a lot of viewer participation. For example, on his site, viewers can post their reactions to the news story regarding the photographer who took a picture of the man who died in a tragic accident in the New York City subway. Dr. Drew then discusses viewer comments and goes on to assert the events that played out were a result of the “bystander effect.” Dr. Drew does this with each news story he covers in order to build somewhat of a relationship with the viewers.

Another interesting segment is called “What You’re Too Embarrassed To Ask the Doctor.” This segment, as can be inferred from the title, focuses on medical issues or concerns that viewers may be too embarrassed to actually ask during a doctor’s visit. Dr. Drew has no problem answering the embarrassing questions. This segment piques viewer’s natural curiosity in health issues that may otherwise never be discussed. Another tantalizing segment entitled “‘Dr. Drew’s Secret Confessions” is sure to gain the viewer’s attention. Dr. Drew reveals several interesting personal facts.

In addition, Dr. Drew invites several prominent celebrity guests on the show to break up his sometimes-monotonous discussions of medical issues. In a recent episode, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson made a guest appearance with her mother June. The outspoken and unpredictable seven-year-old was underwhelming to say the least, as she did not drop any bombshells and Dr. Drew seemed to run out of questions to ask. Dr. Drew’s unwavering and deep voice can easily put viewers into a lull rather than shock or build suspense.

Dr. Drew On Call is definitely interesting if viewers have an interest in health topics or hearing a dissection of the news of the day. Otherwise, Dr. Drew On Call may get very boring, very quickly to other viewers. The show is big budget, has a plethora of topics, and even hosts celebrity guests. This earns Dr. Drew On Call a solid three recliner rating from PK Publications. Be sure to tune into HLN Monday to Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern to judge for yourself.

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