Drugs, Inc.

by Kimberly Hays September 5th, 2013 | TV Highlights
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medical concept pills barbecue with needle in white backgroundThe National Geographic Channel has always been my go to channel for interesting programming and an escape from the mundane shows that major networks are presenting. Drugs, Inc. is a fascinating look into the underground world of drugs that is a real eye opener. There are many things that can be learned from this program, from how the drugs get to the United States, or are made here, to how each drug works inside the body. It also explores the impact that these drugs are having on society — how the war against drugs is being lost in America, which is quite startling.

This documentary series shows actual footage of people using drugs, and then you get to watch them to see how the drugs change them. It is very disturbing, but the most real account you could ever have of what a drug does to a person without actually taking drugs yourself. I still cannot believe that someone would actually allow cameras to film them while smoking crack or injecting heroin, but I suppose that comes with your mind being numbed with illegal drugs. How can people do this to their bodies? I find myself asking this question during every episode.

The fact that it is explained how these drugs work is also quite interesting. I had never really given that a lot of thought. The effects are clearly explained, as to how long the drug lasts, what the active ingredients are in each one, and exactly what they do to someone when they use them.

Other than how drugs destroy a person and their life, it is also unsettling to learn about the impact on our environment because of these drugs. For instance, scientists are finding traces of these drugs in our fresh water resources and drinking water. This will eventually have a serious impact on all of us, as well as our plants, trees, and wildlife.

This is a must see show, if for nothing more than to be able to recognize the signs of drug abuse in those around us, and help to better understand if we have someone in our life who is fighting a drug addiction. It would be very beneficial for teens and young adults to watch in order to see how drugs affect a person, and what the repercussions are of using them. Though very graphic, the show is extremely educational, and one that I feel everyone in America should watch to grasp the seriousness of this growing epidemic. This program airs on Sunday at 9 pm.4 recliners

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