Explosion Bus – Traveling the Road

by James Maynard February 8th, 2013 | Web Series
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accordion girlExplosion Bus is an animated online comedy series from the creators of Dr. Katz. This show, created and directed by Tom Snyder III (Home Movies), offers a new episode every Tuesday. The show stars funnymen Jonathan Katz (Daddy Day Care) and Tom Leopold (Mr. Mom).

Jon Gold (voiced by Katz) and Leo Huckstep (Leopold) are two young teachers, plodding their way through workdays, neither enjoying, nor being terribly good at, their jobs. The pair spend more time cracking jokes rather than educating the students (“He didn’t say ‘Is that an island,’ he said ‘Staten Island!’”) It isn’t long before both of them finding themselves without a job. Both of them refuse to admit they were fired, instead telling each other that they are “on sabbatical.”
At night, the two men spend their time watching the country’s most popular reality talent show, becoming wrapped up in the auditions and the participants. The become huge fans of a young teen named Cheyenne, and they witness the singer being lambasted by a critic who is a near-dead-ringer for Simon Cowell. Their shock at the way she was treated convinces the two newly-unemployed men to create their own traveling talent show, where they book themselves as being “the nice guy” critics. They then hit the road in their converted vehicle, calling it the Explosion Bus.

Also on the show is Misch Whitaker, voicing the part of Katie, in her debut role. In many ways, the feeling and timbre portrayed by all the actors in the series may be best delivered by Ms. Whitaker.

The show itself is smart, if not exceptionally original. The lines are pretty much what you might expect from this genre – neither brilliant nor sophomoric, never failing to achieve glory because it never reaches for it. The problem is that you can’t achieve greatness if you never reach for the gold ring.

The series uses a limited animation style. This means that most parts of a scene stay still, while only the moving pieces of a scene are re-drawn. Started back in the early days of animation (for instance, Rocky and Bullwinkle), this technique is usually employed in an effort to save money. But, it can also be employed for stylistic reasons, as is the case with a lot of anime. This style works well with the dialog and nature of Explosion Bus. One of the more unique features of this show is that it opens with live-action “audition tapes” from fans of the show.

This show is not the funniest one out there in my opinion, but it offers some cute, lighthearted moments. Additionally, there is some good talent writing and voicing Explosion Bus. It may be worth the six minutes or so that it takes to watch an episode to see if you might find it funnier than I did. The show is good in my opinion, just not great.

Watch it on their YouTube Channel  or on Blip TV on streaming devices.icon-2recliners

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