Giving You the Business

by T Akery May 9th, 2013 | Food Show, TV Reviews
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dinerGiving You the Business is the newest Food Network  attempt at reality television. In this one, four employees of a food franchise are expected to perform at their best in the midst of chaotic conditions. Which begs the question. Who comes up with the challenges? Yes, you should expect some crazy customers in the food industry but this is borderline ridiculous.

I really have to question the secrecy aspect. Obviously, the employees know something is going on with all of the cameras. Even if they don’t know that a contest was going on, they still have to suspect something is going on.

The first episode featured a coffee franchise with a bunch of crazy shift people. There was some loud tour guide and a businessman trying to conduct business from the office he set up in the coffee shop. Did anyone really buy into these over-exaggerated stereotypes? Anyway, it is not for the employees to question things. It is their job to control it and make sure customers get served. Clearly, these types of people would be asked to leave by managers in a normal business setting. But let’s ignore that little realty check because the show clearly did.

I do feel sorry for the employees though. Not all did they have to survive the contrived chaotic shift, three of them then found out that they were still stuck in their jobs. This is a major disappointment at best. Imagine the embarrassment of having to come back and actually work at the same place where the franchise is now owned by their co-worker. Yeah, that’s not awkward.

Moving onto the winner. Sure, they survived a single shift but do they have enough business sense to keep the franchise profitable? Customer service is only a part of the equation of running a business. Perhaps, they should have equally weighed out all the skills with some sort of business test. Of course, no one in their right mind would watch someone take a written test about their business knowledge. But with the success of the franchise at stake, wouldn’t the owner at least check that part of the employee’s knowledge out first?

I am really not sold on this Food Network show. But there is still a whole season to watch. In some aspects, it makes me wish for the days that they had the Challenges.

Giving You the Business airs on the Food Network in your area on Thursdays at 10 PM.icon-2recliners

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