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by Mackenzie M. February 1st, 2013 | Home Show, TV Reviews
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waikikiThousands of Americans fantasize about making the move from the frigid mainland to the balmy Hawaiian Islands. While only a small percent end up visiting Hawaii, and even a smaller number end up moving to the islands, a new HGTV show is highlighting the stories of these families who make the leap into life in Hawaii. Simply called Hawaii Life, the new HGTV home show follows the stories of a real estate firm of the same name, and of the families they help make the move from the mainland to Hawaii. People who have made the leap to life in Hawaii, such as the guys from Hawaii Life, hope to help others make the move to enjoy life in Hawaii. This half-hour program not only shows off the variety of real estate in Hawaii, but also tells the tale of the personal lives of those making the big move.

There is a common misconception that you need to be wealthy to live in Hawaii. While this may be true for those searching for a coastal mansion, the brokers at Hawaii Life real estate firm claim that you just have to want it bad enough for a move to Hawaii to happen. According to the brokers, properties from Oahu, to Kauai, to the Big Island, to Maui range from $50,000 plots of land to $50 million dollar cliff-side mansions. The firm employs over 130 brokers who are all unlikely real estate moguls, as they themselves made the jump across the Pacific to the Hawaiian life. They are all very passionate about finding ways to make life in Hawaii a reality for tired and cold mainlanders. Each half-hour episode highlights the life of one person or family working with the agency to find a new life in Hawaii.

Fourteen episodes were shot in Kauai and the other islands for the first season, which premiered in early January of 2013. Two of the most recent episodes highlight clients looking for dream homes on the island of Kauai. One family relocated from the frozen mountains of Wasilla, Alaska, while the other couple quickly left Indianapolis, Indiana in search of an island paradise. Another recent episode highlights the life of Haley Van Noord and her move from “rainy Oregon” to Maui in search of scuba diving opportunities. She finds a property with beach access and with close proximity to scuba diving spots. The show does a great job of pairing an enthusiastic broker with a family or person in search of a new, Hawaiian life. According to the Honolulu Pulse, “the half-hour shows do an effective job of combining requisite shots of beautiful scenery with footage of the prospective buyers and agents checking out homes…” Even Hawaiians are praising the show for its realistic and drama-free presentation of the island paradise.

The brokers featured on Hawaii Life claim that their greatest hope is to be able to show more affordable properties that dispel the notion that it is inaccessibly expensive to live in Hawaii. Hawaii Life airs at 8 and 8:30 p.m. on Thursdays on HGTV.4 recliners

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