House Hunters: Where Are They Now?

by Mackenzie M. January 2nd, 2013 | Home Show, TV Reviews
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housesHouse Hunters has been one of the mostly wildly successful home shows on television for the last couple of years. Its cult following and constant stream of first-time viewers have helped House Hunters and House Hunters International become the most successful home shows produced by the HGTV Network. Building off of the House Hunters franchise, HGTV debuted House Hunters: Where Are They Now? Ever wonder what happens to the homeowners once they purchase their dream home? The Where Are They Now series of House Hunters episodes give a glimpse into how previous contestants are settling in their new homes.

In each episode, Where Are They Now revisits some of the most memorable buyers to see how their stories unfolded after HGTV left and the buyers were allowed to decorate and settle into their new properties. For example, one couple searched for a house in Tampa that could accommodate their entire family. They found a fixer-upper and that is where the story left off. They embarked on a project of renovation and when the cameras returned there was much drama to be shown. Other homeowners embarked on similar pledges during their original stint on House Hunters, but each project turned out differently. The host walks the viewers through the past few months of progress and then discusses the next steps of the homeowner.

Oftentimes in House Hunters there are questions of what happens after the home has been purchased. Aside from a quick revisit of the house a few months after move-in, the major projects are never highlighted due to time constraints. Where Are They Now gives homeowners the opportunity to check in with the homeowners long after their original television appearances. For this reason, Where Are They Now deserves a solid four-recliner rating, as it is a great follow-up to the fantastic House Hunters series. While this is not yet a permanent part of the series, the popularity of the Where Are They Now episodes will determine its status as a permanent fixture on the HGTV schedule.

For those who can’t get enough of the House Hunters franchise, be sure to tune in to see the follow-up stories of some of your favorite House Hunters contestants. House Hunters: Where Are They Now airs frequently on HGTV. Check your local listings.4 recliners

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