Larry King Now and Always

by Mackenzie M. February 5th, 2013 | Talk Show, TV Reviews
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king navyAfter stepping down as host of his CNN talk show after 25 years, Larry King recently reappeared on the Internet with a brand new endeavor. Larry King, famed for his suspenders and ambiguous old age, cannot seem to stay away from the television realm for long. This time around, King is the star of an Internet-exclusive talk show that is based out of King’s manor. Although he is far from any sound stages or networks, King still manages to book some of today’s most notable celebrities and effortlessly interviews them with his trademark level of intensity. For a talk show that’s a little different, tune into Larry King Now on your computer today.

Although Larry King stepped down in 2010, he seemed to pick up right where he left off when he debuted Larry King Now in 2012. Rather than make the jump to HD television in the high channels of cable, King decided to produce his show in conjunction with Ora TV, an Internet based production company. In the hopes of reaching out to a younger audience, Larry King Now runs exclusively on Hulu.com, an Internet site where users can easily watch all of their favorite TV shows along with Hulu original series. The Internet version of his show is about thirty minutes long and airs new episodes four days a week. King invites viewers into his home, alongside his massive case of awards, to hear the latest news from celebrities.

Larry King never has a shortage of celebrities at his disposal. His first guest was Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame, who came to promote his new film, Ted. As in his past 25 years of celebrity interviews, King never misses a beat. The interviews remain engaging and provocative. Some celebrities who have interviewed with King point out that although he is old (78 years), King is still the interviewer that he has always been. Larry King often notes that the Internet is the newest and most exciting forum for watching television shows. It is very convenient to be able to watch Larry King Now anywhere on the go and at any time of day. Larry King will always be one of the greatest television talk show hosts of all time. His new talk show continues the legacy of tantalizing topics, intense interviews and high production value. For this reason, Larry King Now deserves a three-recliner rating.

Larry King Now produces new episodes on four days out of the week, so be sure to visit Hulu to see the latest listings. Hulu remains free for users to watch the most recent episodes, but requires a “Hulu Plus” account in order to gain access to all content.icon-3recliners

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