Liz Lemon Makes It Sweet

by Elizabeth McMillan July 12th, 2013 | Character Spotlight
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glasses30 Rock has been an immensely popular comedy on NBC for years. This hilarious sitcom was based on the experiences of the show’s creator, Tina Fey, as a writer for Saturday Night Live. However, in this version it is a sketch comedy show called The Girlie Show with Tracy Morgan made at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, which gives the show it’s name, 30 Rock. This is actually where the NBC studios are located, where the fictional show was supposed to be on the air. Tina Fey also stars in the show as Liz Lemon, the head writer of TGS, and portraying this character which she made very similar to herself, Tina Fey brings the the right level of hilarity to 30 Rock.

30 Rock has driven very deeply down into the past life of Elizabeth Miervaldis Lemon-Chros, more simply known as Liz Lemon. As described on the show, Liz comes from a rather peculiar and interesting family background. In reality, many families are a bit odd to other people, but Liz Lemon’s peculiar family is exposed on the air. Knowing Liz Lemon’s history, it adds another level of humor to her character, just based on knowing what experiences the character had in earlier life. As a character, Liz has very bad social skills, and all of her colleagues are fully aware of this. She is considered the geeky type, and is a woman in her mid thirties and single. Being fully in adulthood and not married however are becoming the norm, but in the show her friends sometimes laugh at her misfortune in a friendly way.   It is just another trait that brings in the viewers to see Liz Lemon. A rather interesting quirk about Liz Lemon is the fact that she loves the Star Wars franchise, and she says at one point in an episode that for the past four years she dressed up as Princess Leia. Jack Donaghy is pretty much Liz’s best friend, and they often feed off of each other and bring in the laughs with their banter.

Liz Lemon is just one of the many ingredients to 30 Rock, but she sure proves to be the awkward comedic soul of the show. Without her character, the show would literally be nothing;  it really would, because Tina Fey pretty much is her character, and she created the show, so I suppose in some paradox that all ties together in some weird way. Liz Lemon, however, is a character who’s very likable by any viewers, and flat out hilarious.

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