Mysteries at the Museum

by T Akery September 20th, 2013 | Travel Show, TV Reviews
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antiquesMysteries at the Museum is a Travel Channel show that takes a unique look at history and places. Instead of traveling to an area and showcasing all of the area attractions, this show takes a look at the more unusual objects found in a museum and tells the story behind them. These stories are a glimpse into the past people and places that these particular objects have come down from. The stories are timeless. But through these objects, you have the opportunity to travel to back in time.

Don Wilder is the host of the show and the storyteller. His voice is perfect for expressing the stories in a manner that gives them some life. His voice alone keeps you tuned into the story and helps set the mood. In addition, his looks complement the Indiana Jones style of archeology where these objects are important.

However, the show itself isn’t perfect. The object episodes do seem rushed at times when Wilder transitions from one object to the next during the show. Some episodes also don’t include an emphasis on the object itself during the reenactment. While it is reasonable that they couldn’t use the object itself in the recreation of the story, a facsimile would work to place the particular object in the time period or show its use.

The shows also don’t seem to revolve around a single theme or a time period. This is both good and bad. It is good because it provides an element of unpredictability for viewers. But it is bad in the sense that the stories could use more connection to each other.

I did like the fact that they had experts weigh in on some of the shows. That also kept things interesting as the experts took on the arduous task of explaining the science or the reasoning behind something. This provided a nice break so that things weren’t completely monotone.

Overall, this is a pretty cool show to watch, especially if you are interested in history. The stories bring a new depth to the dusty objects in a museum and Wilder is perfect for telling these stories. I just wish there was a bit more organization and a bit more time spent on the transitions.icon-3recliners

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