Paranormal Paparazzi

by Kimberly Hays February 4th, 2013 | Travel Show, TV Reviews
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stairwellParanormal Paparazzi is a television show on the Travel Channel that premiered in September of 2012. It is a reality show that follows investigators to numerous cities in the United States where they try to explain the unexplained. The show is hosted by Aaron Sagers, who brings together his team to discuss upcoming investigations so they are prepared take on the task of solving the mystery involved in the case.

There are some chilling experiments to uncover the mysteries around notorious murders and supernatural occurrences connected with them. For instance, reporter Rachel Fine investigates the Lizzie Borden case and rumors of paranormal activity in the house, now a bed and breakfast, as well as the occurrences at the famous Amityville Horror House made famous by the movie of the same name.

There are some lighter topics that they investigate, such as, a visit to Zombie Boot Camp where they learn survival skills in the event of the Zombie Apocalypse, and an official visit to a group of survivalists who are preparing for various disasters. There is also a trip to a horror festival where they have the opportunity to interview some famous horror actors. Some of the folks they meet along the way are very eccentric, like the people who believe they were abducted by aliens, and those who are in search of the elusive chupacabra and Big Foot.

At the end of each episode host Aaron Sagers meets up with all of the investigators to catch up on their findings. This show is really interesting to those who are interested in the paranormal, as well as those who are interested in seeing it debunked. They use unconventional as well as scientific ways of finding the reason for the activity that they are assigned to investigate. They sometimes come up with an answer, but many times they do not. The show is available on the Travel Channel website if you want to catch up with previous episodes. Check your local listings for dates and times for television programming.icon-3recliners

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