Philip J. Fry

by Elizabeth McMillan September 3rd, 2013 | Character Spotlight
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Futurama3dvdAlthough Futurama, the loved and crude cartoon comedy on Comedy Central, is coming to an end, key characters that strike one’s funny bone are still bringing that same joy to the show. Philip J. Fry, otherwise known just as Fry, is one of the main characters in Futurama. His character is originally from the 20th century, but on New Year’s Eve going into the year 2000, he was delivering a pizza for the pizza place he worked for, and he stumbled into a machine where he was frozen. Fry sat in that tube for exactly 1000 years, when he became unfrozen in the year 2999. Instead of waking up to the New York he knew, he was released in New New York, with no idea of any of the technological and intergalactic changes that happened during his 1000-year frozen slumber. Fry ends up finding a job, and pretty much a home at Planet Express, a package delivery company, where all of the show’s shenanigans take place.

The verb, “working,” is used lightly when referring to Fry’s tactics at Planet Express. One of his biggest characteristics is being notoriously lazy, and a lot lazier than all of the other bums that make up Futurama, except Bender (arguably). Drinking beer and laying on the couch is where the viewer will usually find Fry throughout the entire series, but he can occasionally be found attempting to meet women desperate enough to go on a date with him. Fry is also clearly in love with his coworker Teranga Leela, or Leela, throughout the entire span of the show. Leela is also like his best friend, and she is the heroin of the show, because she seems to be the only character with remotely any down to earth common sense. The other characters are either dumb as bricks, or Hubert J. Farnsworth, a world renowned scientist. Farnsworth has a lot of failed experiments and inventions, however, but he is the creator of the useful and human-like robots of this time. Fry’s intelligence is also noted when the crew has to go back to the 1950’s, and he ends up becoming his own grandfather.

Fry is the stereotypical lazy bum scrum of a guy that everyone loves because they just add joy to life. Time and time again throughout the show Fry shows how great of a friend he is, and how great of  a person he is. His lack of brains does lead to, however, some good laughs for the audience, and he is a character that one can’t miss because they are such a big part of the show. Without Fry and his lazy, humorous self, Futurama would not have gone on for nearly as long as it did — over a decade, which, for a cartoon comedy, is pretty dang great.

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