Railroad Alaska

by T Akery December 22nd, 2016 | Reality TV, Toss Up
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alaska trainRailroad Alaska is a show on Destination America that features the challenges of the Alaskan railroad. It also speaks about life living off of the grid and depending on the rail service to get what is needed across one of the most difficult stretches in America to navigate during the winter time.

The show drifts from passenger trains to transport trains to the workers that keep the lines clear. While it is nice to see all of these elements, it is hard to keep track of the different stories that abound. Next week, there will be some new things featured and the stories seen this week will disappear into rerun land.

It is a hard format for a show to follow, since people are often the key to getting fans. It is the following of these stories that is essential to keeping people coming back. In reality, they can only show so much of people shooting down ice bergs or operating heavy equipment before it becomes redundant. Thus, there certainly need to be more personal stories about the individuals involved in the rail system.

While the show does make the attempt, it ultimately fails because it doesn’t follow people from week to week. Instead, you get sporadic stories that have no real connection to one another. There needs to be more of a consistency with at least some of the train conductors and operating crew featured.

There is absolutely no doubt that keeping the Alaskan railways safe is a top priority for Alaska. The men are definitely professionals and do care about their jobs. That message comes through loud and clear. It is good to see hard working individuals care about what they do. For that alone, it is worth watching one episode. However, it is a bit of stretch to think that this is a long term item that you have to watch every week. For that reason, it is really a toss up.

The show airs on Destination America or on the Discovery Channel in your area on Saturdays at 10 pm.

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