Risky Listing Risks Nothing

by James Maynard November 22nd, 2013 | Toss Up
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bldgsRisky Listing is a brand-new miniseries, centered on the lives of New York real estate moguls. The reality show follows five real estate agents, as they make (and break) deals for nightclubs, dance halls and taverns.

Five realtors are regulars on the series. Four are men – Alex Picken, Michael Sottile, Jason Lewis and Hazm Aliessa. There is also one woman, Danielle Lacko. She talks in the premiere episode of having to maintain a strong persona in a male-dominated industry.

Picken is a major name in New York real estate markets. He has taken part in the purchase and sale of over 50 of the biggest clubs in the city. He often has a hands-off attitude with other realtors, but is a master of closing a deal. Michael Sottile is a former actor who went into real estate. He found success early, but is still learning about the business.

Jason Lewis talks quickly, and was involved in selling houses before beginning a career in commercial real estate. He also occasionally appears as a comedian in nightclubs. He says “If you’re a trained monkey with $500, you can be an agent.” Haz Aliessa started as an entrepreneur at the age of 16, in a hookah lounge. Danielle Lacko is a former glamour girl who moved to New York at 19. She brings in many high-end clients for the group.

The show premiered on November 19th on the Esquire TV Network. In the premiere episode, the realtors were concentrating on the Meatpacking District in New York.

One of the best things about this series is the glimpse it gives inside the real estate industry. For people who have never experienced that world, it can be an educational experience. Real estate professionals work together quite often, sharing customers and properties. This fact is shown quite clearly in this show.

There is an escapism that comes from watching people who have far more money than most viewers. But one has to wonder how well this will play given current economic conditions in the country. In the first episode, Danielle refuses to take $1,000 for referring a customer to another realtor. Millions of families would jump at the chance to make that amount of money for sharing a phone number.

If you like cities, the backdrops are fantastic. Lots of movement and flashes of color often accompany the scenes. This makes Risky Listing a visually appealing series.As a program, however, Risky Listing doesn’t take any risks. The reality show is produced like nearly every other reality show on the airwaves today.

The average viewer is likely to find a few things they like in this series. But the people in the series are not particularly likeable. The show is also a little flat – there is not much room for change in the program as currently conceived.

Risky Listing is not artistic, apart from the cinematography. But it could be fairly interesting for people interested in learning more about the real estate industry.

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