Surreal Estate

by Mackenzie M. July 5th, 2013 | Home Show, TV Reviews
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surreal houseHome shows often feature an interested couple searching for a typical suburban dream home with a standard design and a big yard. However, TLC is shaking this mold up in their new program, Surreal Estate. While only the pilot episode has debuted so far, the interesting premise of the show has media outlets buzzing. Instead of searching for a traditional home, the buyers on Surreal Estate all pride themselves on their quirky and unique sense of taste and style. They are partnered with realtors to find a home that fits their eccentric needs. As can be imagined, this takes the viewers on tours of some wild and unique homes. From home inside a pyramid to a condo covered in copper, Surreal Estate is a must-watch for those with a penchant for the eccentric and extraordinary.

In the one-hour special premiere in late May, TLC introduced enthusiastic home buyers in search of “one-of-a-kind” properties. These buyers, accompanied by their understanding realtors, searched for homes that appeal to their unique styles and tastes. In the first episode, viewers toured a house in the shape of a pyramid, a missile silo converted into a family home, and a home whose interiors were based off of a zany Dr. Seuss adventure story. While it seemed almost too easy for the realtors to find such spectacular homes, Surreal Estate seems to highlight a section of the real estate market that is often overlooked. In cities across the country there are unique and interesting properties. For example, others that are often highlighted include lighthouses converted into homes, and scrapped shipping containers that serve as cozy apartments. Perhaps the reason why Surreal Estate has been highly covered in the media is because it is tapping into the quirky side of the market.

The idea of the show is often centered on the couple’s reaction to the strange homes they may see. For example, two couples may look at the same unique home and have vastly different reactions. The segments find real couples that are in search of a home, and after a long interview process, choose the couple with the most interesting back-story and design ideas. Often the show will showcase what potential buyers would do to a home if purchased. Some couples may ditch the strange themes, while others may embrace them. Keep in mind that these are not small and quirky homes. Instead, the homes are incredibly luxurious and quite expensive. For example, the Dr. Seuss themed loft in Denver could easily sell for several hundred thousand dollars.

Be sure to check your local listings for a rerun of the one-hour pilot on TLC. Otherwise, be sure to stay tuned for the debut of the first season. This show deserves a four recliner rating due to its unique premise, spectacular houses, and on-point casting of prospective buyers.4 recliners

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