Switched at Birth: New Season

by Delaney M. January 9th, 2013 | Drama, TV Reviews
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silhouettesABC Family’s most dramatic television series is back! Switched at Birth has returned for its second season. This season is bound to be even juicier than the first. If you are not familiar with this show, it is a scripted drama that revolves around two teenagers who were switched at birth by mistake. They grow up in extremely different environments. One of the girls grows up in a wealthy family while the other is brought up with a struggling single mother. Both girls were born at the same hospital, the same day; however, a nurse mistakenly switched them while still in the hospital.

The wealthy teen is Bay Kennish who is played by Vanessa Marano. Her mother is Kathryn, played by Lea Thompson, and her father is John, played by D. W. Moffett. In the show, her mom is a stay-at-home mom and her dad is a retired professional baseball player. She also has an older brother named Toby who is played by Lucas Grabeel. Bay is an extremely artistic teenager. At her high school, they study blood types in her science class. While comparing hers to her parents’, she wonders why hers does not match anyone else’s in her family. They decide to get genetic testing done and it confirms that Bay is not biologically related to them. This leads them to discover the nurse’s mistake. That is where Daphne Vasquez (Katie Leclerc) comes into play. She is the girl who was switched with Bay.

Daphne is a deaf teenager who lives with her struggling single mother Regina, who is played by Constance Marie. They live in a working class neighborhood in Missouri. Due to a terrible case of meningitis when she was a child, Daphne lost her hearing. Now she attends a high school for the deaf where she is an outstanding basketball player.

The two families decide to meet after figuring out that the hospital had switched the girls. When they first meet it is an intensely awkward situation. The girls realize they relate more to their biological parents when it comes to their talents and interests. When the Kennishes hear about the Vasquez’ financial troubles, they offer to let them to move into their guesthouse. They take up the offer, forcing the families to come to terms with their similarities and differences. Kathryn Kennish begins to bond with Daphne, which causes her to push away Bay. This upsets Regina because she does not want to switch children.

With that being an overview of the first season’s drama, it is inevitable that the second season will be an intense one. If you are interested in juicy secrets and crazy drama, Switched at Birth will be the perfect show for you. Check out new episodes Mondays at 8/7c on ABC Family!4 recliners

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