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by Mackenzie M. May 7th, 2013 | Reality TV, TV Reviews
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clapperboardOne television reviewer has called Vh1’s new reality program, The Gossip Game, “the nail in the reality TV show coffin.” The Gossip Game is apparently as far from reality as reality television shows have ever gotten, and is not getting praise from anybody. The Gossip Game is an example of “scripted reality” gone wrong. The plot is full of holes, as the show follows the lives of seven media personalities who blog and cover the entertainment market, specifically in New York City. The show premiered in April 1 to absolutely dismal critical reviews. To see for yourself, tune into Vh1 on Mondays at 9 p.m. Eastern.

The Gossip Game follows the lives of seven bloggers who often come into conflict when covering the lives of those in the entertainment business. It is an absolute mystery why the executive producers even labeled the show as “reality,” because it is so incredibly scripted. The lives of the women being followed have been labeled “pseudo elite,” due to the fact that their job is to obsess over the lives of the rich and famous. One reviewer claims that the first few episodes gave us “an eye full of make-believe.” Some of the people being followed include Power 105.1’s Angela Yee and Hot 97’s K. Foxx. This was apparently supposed to incite some East Coast/West Coast rivalry, but instead fizzled into a scripted drama-fest the likes of which has not been seen since Flavor of Love.

Whenever any of the seven bloggers are mad, they simply yell and scream at each other even in broad daylight. While this may be good for trashy “reality television,” after seeing 30 minutes of this trash the viewer will have no desire to ever tune in again. The expertise of the ladies spans blogging, magazines, radio stations, and even television, but they outwardly seem to lack any sense. The production value of the show is weak, and is a sad excuse for a reality television show. While the Real Housewives series can easily be torn apart by reviewers, shows like The Gossip Game belong to a whole other club of terrible. The Gossip Game has even been called an abomination to television and a true sign that the reality television drama has hit a terrible snag.

The fact remains that if the show was not immediately cancelled then there must be some sort of audience that will tune into this trash. While that is a scary thought, it also speaks to the fact that Americans really do love the trashiest, most outrageous television possible. Maybe rather than being an abomination to television, The Gossip Game is exactly what viewers want to see as something of an escape from the ordinary and restrained life of daily activities. In the end, only the loyal viewers will decide what separates trash from treasure in the realm of reality television. The Gossip Game deserves nothing more than a one-recliner rating.icon-1recliner

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  1. Reality Not says:

    I’m done with VH1 and these sad reality shows that degrade African American women, boring………for real.

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