The High Low Project

by Mackenzie M. July 16th, 2013 | Home Show, TV Reviews
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marble bathroomImagine the interior design of your wildest dreams. Is it a bedroom with Egyptian cotton sheets? A bathroom with solid gold appliances? A kitchen with handmade ceramic tiles? Sabrina Soto and the crew at HGTV’s new show, The High Low Project, are making design dreams a reality for the average homeowner. Soto and her crew design rooms as if budget is not an issue. Then, she takes the design out of the clouds and brings it down to the level of the homeowner’s budget. This is where the show really gets worth watching. Watch Soto and her team design fantastic rooms with lofty design goals on relatively low budgets.

According to HGTV’s website, “Piece by piece, Sabrina and her team will create smart, high-value replacements (for the design dreams).” Lofty design goals by the homeowners are brought down to scale in a way that retains both the function and the elegance of the designs. Homeowners can pick out high-end pieces of furniture in hopes that some will remain in the final design. However, Soto finds ways to save thousands of dollars on designs. She usually is able to mimic the grand design fairly well without breaking the bank. For the viewer on a budget, The High Low Project presents a multitude of ideas to make a home look regal and expensive without actually spending a fortune. Viewers are easily drawn in when the homeowners are constructing their dream design at the beginning of the program. Soto brings it back to reality when she reveals the exorbitant prices of some home features.

The “meat” of the show comes when Soto searches high and low for replacements for the high end goods. She always seems to find pieces and designs that mimic the super expensive designs, but without looking cheap or tacky. Soto herself makes The High Low Project worth watching. She is no strange to television or the HGTV Network, having appeared as a design consultant on several other programs and even acting as a visiting judge on HGTV Design Star. Soto has a bubbly and energetic personality, while remaining calm and collected when putting together designs. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty during a home renovation in order to show the viewers how simple her home improvements actually are.

From a contemporary bonus room, to a rustic seating area, to an elegant dining space, recent episodes of The High Low Project cover designs for rooms of all shapes and sizes. The High Low Project deserves a three recliner rating. Be sure to check your local listings to watch The High Low Project on the HGTV Network.icon-3recliners

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