The Outdoor Room With Jamie Durie

by Mackenzie M. February 28th, 2013 | Home Show, TV Reviews
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outdoor roomJamie Durie is by far one of the most well-renowned and desired landscape architects in the world. The Australian native is the founder and director of Durie Design, his own landscape design company, and also the host and producer of his own hit show on the HGTV network. The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie is currently running its fourth season and still entertains viewers. Jamie Durie gets the privilege of traveling around the world and designing backyards for both A-list celebrities and normal families on a budget. The Outdoor Room is not only entertaining, but also bursts with tips for a tidy and fashionable outdoor space.

Durie always demands perfection, and that is always the outcome. He can be intense, but always finishes each project with plenty of ease and panache. His client roster includes international celebrities and luxurious five-star hotels. For the show, Jamie is able to travel to the United States, Australia, and beyond to create amazing backyards for people of all walks of life. He claims to find inspiration for his designs in his travels. From the gardens of London, to the fountains of Italy, to the temples of Thailand, Durie always brings ambitious designs to any form of yard. The show goes far beyond gardening, as Durie explains many interesting design concepts, travels to stunning locations, and even samples international cuisine.

Durie is faced with a new design challenge during each episode. Typically, he sends the homeowners away and gets right to work on revamping the outdoor space. Many of the projects are not small and require several days of work. After the homeowners return, there is a major “big reveal” moment as the homeowners tour their new spaces. The homeowners can never guess what is in store, as Durie often samples styles of the California country, Egyptian desert, Japanese gardens, and even the jungles of Africa. He puts together a crack team of designers, horticulturalists, and contractors in order to put together his vision.

As far as the characters on the show, there are often small clashes between Jamie and his team. He often demands instant perfection and does not leave much room for failure within his design time frame. However, within the show are hundreds of design tips that are useful to homeowners of any kind. In fact, Durie even suggests the use of interesting planters and colorful flowers as a way to spruce up apartment balconies. Each episode provides a new challenge for Durie. In fact, he once had to create a Thai meditation room with a koi pond … built on a 45-degree angle on the side of a hill. He must work with some crazy requests from the homeowners, but often provides practical designs and outdoor tips for all viewers.

The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie is engaging, popular, and full of great design tips. It is one of the most interesting shows on the HGTV Network for the fourth season in a row, which earns it a three-recliner rating. The Outdoor Room airs on Fridays at 9:30/8:30 Central.icon-3recliners

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