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by T Akery August 26th, 2013 | Food Show, TV Reviews
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bbq steakThe Shed is a new show coming to the Food Network on Monday nights at 10 pm on the channel in your area. It promises to be quite a bit different than the standard format for other shows as the Food Network plunges into its first reality show family. While there have been eccentric hosts and chefs in previous Food Network hits, this one will showcase the entire family who runs a barbeque restaurant in Tennessee.

However, this isn’t the first time that The Shed has made an appearance on television. Brad Orrison, the co-owner, has popped up on the Food Network and other competition barbeque shows. His barbeque place was also featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. He is known for making barbeque but the more eccentric side of his business is what is being showcased on this show.

Brooke is the other owner and founder. She got into the business when she was only nineteen. But she is a key part of the business and one of the family members you will get to find out more about. This is along with Daddy-O who makes the famous barbeque sauce.

But perhaps the real star of the show is their barbeque. At least, the Food Network had enough sense not to leave this all-important aspect behind. They do have to be very careful here though. While the stars’ personalities are big, the viewers still want their food. They are expecting to see lots of great barbeque and not just the people selling it.

The first episode combines a catering trip on a boat with a business opportunity to sell sandwiches on the beach. The trip gets a little hairy with a visit from a shark. But after they run out of food to sell, it is a race against time to grab more with the help of a speed boat.

While the first episode is a fun and lively look at the family, the show does run the risk of trying to outdo itself. At some point, it may become more about the family than the food.

The Food Network’s first venture into the family reality show looks to be promising, probably because of the family they picked. But if they continue on this path, the network will almost certainly turn into something that it is not and that is what will cause viewers to ultimately change the channel.icon-3recliners

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