The Skies Are Falling in Season 3

by Ronald A. Rowe June 28th, 2013 | Drama
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skiesFalling Skies is back with a bang. After a much too long hiatus, TBS’s hit summer series is back for a third season. Two years ago the the 3rd Mass was just trying to survive on the alien-occupied earth. Last year they regrouped with other survivors and started to fight back. This year, they are taking the offensive in the war against the invaders.

If you haven’t seen the Season 3 premier yet, here’s a little drinking game for you in the vein of the famous Cheers Beers.  Every time one of the characters reminds us that it has been seven months since the Season 2 finale, take a drink.  Just don’t plan on driving afterwards.

Yes, it has been seven months since the fateful arrival of a third alien race, the Volm, complicated the already confusing dynamics between Skitters, Fish-Heads, and humans.  The new aliens are, by all outward appearances, helpful to the human resistance.  In the span between seasons (I believe it was about seven months) the alliance of humans, rebel Skitters, and Volm have struck repeated blows against the alien occupiers.

Of course, not all of the off-season developments have been positive.  Hal’s life has taken a turn for the worse since we last saw him in the Summer of 2012, a turn with major implications for everyone in the Resistance.  Conversely, Pope hasn’t changed much at all, which is a big negative waiting to happen in Charleston.

The opening two hours of Season 3 answer some questions, pose many more, and successfully set the stage for the year.  Against a weak backdrop of mediocre-at-best competition for your Summer TV viewing, Falling Skies is not only the best alternative, it is one of the few actually good ones.  TBS is breaking the bank to provide top notch special effect and scenery coupled with a solid cast that includes E.R. alumni Noah Wyle and Gloria Reuben, former Laker Girl Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton(Armageddon), Season 3 newcomer Robert Sean Leonard(House), and beloved 1980’s icon Max Headroom himself, Matt Frewer.

Falling Skies airs Sunday nights at 10 PM on TBS.  Find the first two seasons on DVD, Netflix, iTunes, or wherever you go for your previously-aired content.  Next lock yourself away for a solid weekend of immersive television.  Then you will be ready to join us for the revved-up stakes, drama, and tension of Season 3.4 recliners

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