Tia and Tamera: They’re Back!

by Delaney M. December 7th, 2012 | Reality TV, TV Reviews
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Anyone who was a part of the 90’s decade should automatically be familiar with celebrity identical twins Tia and Tamera Mowry. This is because they starred in one of the decade’s most well known shows, Sister, Sister. Now they are all grown up, starting families of their own, and figuring out the balance between family life and acting. The Style Network created a series based on them that documents their daily lives. Although seeing them onscreen together is familiar to fans, this is an all new spin on the sisters since it is their real lives that are being filmed this time!

In recent years, Tia and Tamera’s lives have begun to take their own separate paths. For starters, Tia married her long time love Cory Hardrict who she has been wed to for a number of years now. Last year, she and Cory had their first son, Kree, who can be seen on the last season of the show. Also most recently, she decided to end her run on the show The Game where she has had a major role  for a long time. At this point in the show, she is trying to focus most of her time on family and searching for new acting roles and opportunities. Tamera, on the other hand, recently started her own family. Documented in one of last season’s episodes, Tamera wed her boyfriend Adam Housley. Also in mid-November, they had their first child together, a boy named Aden. Because of her pregnancy, Tamera decided to take a small break from acting in order to enjoy the experience.

So far this season on Tia and Tamera, they never fail to entertain. In one of the episodes, Tamera is a few months pregnant while she is filming a Christmas movie in New Orleans. Thinking she can handle the role while being pregnant, she quickly realizes it is not as easy as it looks. There is a huge fiasco where she continuously makes them take breaks on set and gets swollen feet and hot flashes. Tia is fast in telling Tamera that she told her so and that she needs to think about taking it easy from there on out. Putting her stubbornness aside, Tamera realizes Tia is right and that is when she decides to take life more easily in order to keep a healthy pregnancy. On the other hand, in one episode Tia is putting together a birthday party for Kree because he is turning one. Of course Tamera helps her put it together and Tia goes all out. At the beginning of the party, Tia almost loses it because she has everything set up, but no one’s showed up on time. Despite the dramatic suspense, guests show up and the party is worth all of the work!

If you loved Tia and Tamera in their 90’s sitcom Sister, Sister, you will be sure to enjoy their reality show on the Style Network. Although it is reality, they are plenty entertaining just being themselves! Watch new episodes every Tuesday at 9/8c.

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