Toni Braxton Talk Show?

by Mackenzie M. November 13th, 2012 | Talk Show, TV Reviews
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The latest buzz in Hollywood this week has been talk of the Braxton sisters negotiating a deal for a major upcoming talk show. Of R&B singing fame, Toni Braxton is attempting to burst back on the scene with a daytime television talk show. Self-described by the Braxtons as “The View but with a lot of sass,” the Braxton sisters’ daytime television talk show is sure to be impressive, depending on whether it is picked up by a network. The bid for a daytime talk show is not out of nowhere, as the smash hit Braxton Family Values brought Toni (pictured, with Gee Money) out of the shadow of her dwindling R&B career and put her on the reality television a-list.

In 2011 the WE Network debuted Braxton Family Values as one of its flagship shows. The reality series looked into the daily life of Toni and her relationship with her mother and four sisters. There was no shortage of drama with Toni splitting from her estranged husband and her attempt to launch the singing careers of her sisters. Although she is working on her seventh studio album, Braxton Family Values exceeded all expectations and took the spotlight off of Braxton’s musical career. Braxton Family Values brought in monster ratings and became a hit reality show for the WE Network. Beginning in 2013, the Braxtons will be back on television with a talk show that is sure to be another hit.

Toni and her sisters, Traci, Towanda, and Trina have been in talks for the past month to try to get their scandalous talk show on air. They plan to discuss the hottest topics of the day, as well as focus on gossip, relationships, fashion, makeovers, and even celebrity guests. To include the entire family on the show, the Braxtons will even be including their mother in an “Ask Mommy” segment. According to a source, Toni and the rest of her family are very enthusiastic about the show. They even secured producer Rob Dauber of “Rosie,” “Oprah,” and “The Wendy Williams Show” fame. With the combination of enthusiasm and top of the line producing, the Braxton girls are almost guaranteed immediate success.

The Braxtons will not be without competition, however. Several new talk shows are set to debut in the coming months. Queen Latifah, Bethenny Frankel, Bobby Flay, and even Kris Jenner are all in the process of debuting their own daytime talk shows. What the Braxtons have going for them is their insane and hilarious family dynamics, as well as their previous success in several other television series. After two seasons of Braxton Family Values and the success of Tamar Braxton’s reality show with her husband, the Braxton family may have a much longer television lifespan than ever thought possible by the critics.

Be sure to stay tuned for all of the developments on the Braxton front, but it looks like the Braxton girls will be on daytime television in no time.

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