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by Elizabeth McMillan October 7th, 2013 | TV Highlights
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screensTelevision is often hard to keep up with, especially when one has a busy life. Let’s look ahead at some shows you should make time for this week.

Rebel Wilson’s new television comedy Super Fun Night recently premiered on ABC, ¬†and the creator of this show did not cut any corners to make it her own. Rebel Wilson, who has been in hit movies such as Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect, took the opportunity to break out as the comedic genius she is by creating her own television show that she pretty much writes, with the help of some other people, of course. It just premiered in the past week, so not many reviews are out on it yet.

Football season has been delivering as usual, and it is only the beginning of all the Sunday and Monday night fun. It’s always disappointing to have your team not do as well as you hoped, but when they do well it just makes being a fan so much sweeter.

Eastbound & Down is back for its fourth season, and as usual, Kenny Powers is throwing in the offensive humor at a usual rate. Eastbound & Down has a ridiculous way of turning normal situations into completely obscure and blatantly inappropriate ones. One of these situations includes Kenny getting left with his child while the mother randomly leaves for who knows how long without even a word said to anyone of her whereabouts.

Hillary Clinton was going to have a miniseries on NBC, but that was already thrown into the “no” bucket for rating estimates.

Breaking Bad had its final episode last Sunday, and this led to a lot of sad, sad fans who now feel lost without a new episode to look forward to — if you’re one of them, check out the new TV shows and series when you get the chance to see if you find a new favorite!

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