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by Jaclyn Abergas July 6th, 2011 | Comedy, Summer TV, TV Highlights
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  • Darren Star is back with a new comedy called The Viagra Diaries, with Goldie Hawn who struggles with being single again when her husband of 35 years leaves her after a mid-life crisis.
  • Aaron Sorkin also has a new drama show set to air on HBO. More As This Story Develops follows the lives of the people who work at a cable news channel. Cast includes Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Dev Patel, Alison Pill, Olivia Munn and Sam Waterston.

The Style Network

  • Style Exposed premieres on July 9, featuring documentaries targeted for the female audience, including Baring It All, about breast cancer survivors in a photographic series, Born Male, Living Female and Single with 7.


Syfy is gearing for six premieres, including two new shows, this summer on their network.

  • Eureka is up for season 4.5 on July 11.
  • Season 3 of Warehouse 13 follows right after.
  • Haven returns for season 2 on July 15.
  • Season 3 of Ghost Hunters International premieres on July 13.
  • It’ll be quickly followed by a new show, Legend Quest.
  • Another new show, Alphas, will premiere on July 11.


MTV will be premiering two new shows in late August.

  • Rob Dyrdek is back with Ridiculousness, featuring hilarious amateur viral videos, premiering on August 29.
  • Death Valley is the newest horror-comedy, documentary-style scripted series on MTV following the adventures of Undead Task Force (UTF), who has discovered that vampires, werewolves and zombies are living freely in Death Valley.

Discovery Channel

  • Surviving the Cut season 2 follows a new batch of students as they undergo a grueling military Special Ops training and who will survive the cut. The show premieres July 11.
  • Sons of Guns follows gunsmith Will Hayden and his team of experts for a second season, premiering on July 13.
  • Fans of Jake Gyllenhaal will be delighted to know that he’ll be appearing in the first six new episodes of Man vs. Wild, premiering July 11.
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