Update: The Walking Dead-Season Three

by Delaney M. December 12th, 2012 | Drama, TV Reviews
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The third season of the zombie filled drama series featured on AMC debuted October 14. It has been nine months since the second season came to an end. For these past months, Sheriff Rick Grimes and his group have been traveling excessively. Even more surprising, Rick’s wife Lori is pregnant and due any day. Every chance they get they scavenge for supplies to help them survive. Also, Daryl has stepped up in the group and has become Rick’s right-hand man, almost like his bodyguard. In the first episode, the group comes across a zombie filled prison. Although there are a ton of “walkers,” the group decides to give it all they have, to kill them off. This is because they know that if they get inside the prison, there is bound to be plenty of supplies, food, water, and shelter for them to live off of. The prison will ensure the safety they need in order to survive from the zombie apocalypse.

Within the first few episodes, Lori goes into labor. Sadly, when she is in the process of delivering the baby she realizes that either she is going to die or the baby will. In an effort to save the baby’s life, she decides to sacrifice her own. One of the members of the group performs a C-section, delivering the baby safely. However, Lori dies in the process from extreme blood loss. She gets to say her goodbyes to her son Carl and a few of the others, but Rick is nowhere to be found. When he gets back he discovers what happens and goes completely insane. Out of rage, anger, and sadness Rick goes around the prison brutally slaughtering all of the remaining “walkers.” After he calms down, he comes to see his newborn baby that the others have already begun to take care of. Carl decides to name his new baby sister Judith.

After everything happens with Lori, the group discovers that the nearby town of Woodbury has been taken over by zombies and they’ve taken the  governor prisoner. All of the men then travel to the town to rescue two other members of the group. The governor, who is now against Rick’s group, threatens to shoot one of the captured men if Maggie refuses to tell him where the group is taking shelter. In an attempt to save the other man, she blurts out that they are staying at the prison. Just in time, Rick and his men bust into the governor’s office and save the others.

If you are interested in zombies or an apocalypse, The Walking Dead is a good show for you. Be sure to check out this captivating take on the world after a zombie apocalypse. Although the show is currently airing season three, new episodes for the season will not be shown again until February 10. Be sure to check it out then on AMC!

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    Best show on TV. There’s no close second.

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